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Walia ibex also known as Ethiopian ibex is a member of goat family which dwells on steep cliffs in regions characterized by rocky mountains.It has been found only in the semien mountains in northern ethiopia.
Gelada is a species of old world monkey found only in the highlands of Ethiopia and Eritrea.Geladas live in small groups with one male, and several females and their offspring. Although not listed as endangered, only 50-60,000 Geladas are known to exist.
The Blue-winged Goose inhabits plateau marshes, streams and damp grasslands.In the big rains they move to lower elevations of the plateau: for example, in one day in August 165 Individuals were counted at Gafersa.its closest living relative lives in South America.
The Black-winged Lovebird is the common, small green parrot of the Ethiopian plateau. It commonly visits gardens, especially with seeding trees in Addis Ababa. Both sexes have a large bright red bill; the male has a red forehead, the female and immature do not.